Bio: I'm a 40-something surfer/biker chick who's been a full-time RV'r for 14 years now, thanks to my best friend, Bodhisaatva, my 14 year old Staffordshire mix. I work in television during the spring, fall, and winter, and in the summer I teach surf lessons...well, used to, before I fell victim to a few auto accidents that weren't my fault (more about that later!) I also own a DJ business and just filed my nonprofit status for a pitbull rescue. The first inception of the ValHaus was a 1976 Dodge Brougham, 20 ft Class C RV. My surf buds lovingly called it "The Allergy Attack on Wheels," as I had 5 cats and two dogs living with me. There was a place for everyone and everything, and it was by no means crowded. The second ValHaus was a 20 ft 1981 Chevy Lazy Daze, that I only had for a year, thanks to an idiot Army grunt who pulled a hit & run, technically totaling it, breaking my back, and ruining my life in the process. We're now in the 3rd ValHaus, another Lazy Daze; this one's an '87, and is 23 ft....those few extra feet make a BIG difference with room in the interior! I still have the same dogs as in the 1st ValHaus, and they are now 13 & 14 years old. The cats have all passed away - the oldest, TC, was 23 years old, and the youngest one to leave me was Thomas, at 16 years. My current ValHaus crew consists of Bodhi & Baby, my two pit mixes who got me started living full-time on the road, and we adopted Missy, a now 5 year old pit mix who was rescued from a fighting ring, as well as our two foster chi's, Jane & Casanova, and one cat, TC Junior.

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