Started showing the Haus some love, BUT…

So I was working on the exterior of the Haus, and working on my tan as well, when we received an unexpected but welcome rain shower, complete with thunder and lightening, something we don’t get too often in SoCal.

It’s coming down pretty hard, so I’ve had to put my project on hold so I can comfort my babies who are afraid of the thunder. Had a few blackouts already, but they don’t affect RV’rs as much as the general public.



Showing the ValHaus some mad love!

Yet another project ensues to keep the ValHaus cooler inside.  We’re still in the desert, and keeping things cool has definitely been an issue.  Since I’m not connected to a 30 amp power line, we’re not running the rooftop AC.  In order to run the swamp cooler, I need to replace my toilet so I can run fresh water into the Haus via the City water supply.  I had the hose connected, only to discover that the seal for fresh water supply to the toilet has to be replaced, and I came home to a flooded rig.  Thanks to that boo boo, I had to tear up my relatively new bamboo flooring, and install something new.  NOT HAPPY!  The toilet replacement will be a back-breaker (pun intended, ha ha….for those who don’t know, a jarhead broke my back in a hit & run), so I have to wait until I’m feeling well enough to tackle it myself or have the DOH! to pay someone else to do it.  So for today, I will be creating a custom sun shade/awning for the rear of the ValHaus, and hope that it doesn’t look ghetto!